Exalted Ego is a Professional Video and Photography services done with you in mind. We cater to your needs lending our experience and our state-of-the-art equipment, where you remain the artist. 


Our Services


While pursuing a symbolic perfectionism at times imposed by

society, we lose focus in the relevance of the act that made us, in the first place, reach out to a professional photographer.  

We are eager to lend our services for special events and ceremonies, at official venues or casual gatherings. We will deliver professional results without posing too much inconvenience with personnel or equipment.

Most importantly, we will encourage you to live your moment while we capture the "unique" details that will make your event memorable. 

Exalted Ego provides professional photography and video journalism services for weddings, baptisms, birthdays, farewell ceremonies, graduations, modeling portfolios (Kids and adults), comp cards and video clips. We also provide specialty photography surveys for Commercial properties and inland marine.

About Us


Exalted Ego was created with the image of a struggling artist in mind. As we walk up from a subway station, recall the emotion of finding an absolutely amazing girl, electric guitar in hand and frozen cheeks, her rebel hair pulled into a messy scarf and her mesmerizing eyes filled with languidness. As we walk through a park of ancient trees and trapeze artists, recall those teenagers of sweaty face, their abrupt heart beat, the pumping chests and the indelible smiles filled with passion and pride.

Exalted Ego is searching for that inner spirit, that brute force that compels people to showcase their artistry, people that wants to be seen and recognized for what they are, accepted and respected for their choices, people of heighten individuality whom are unafraid of time and less impacted by social standards, norms and stereotypes.

Exalted Ego wants to photograph that moment of your life, that perfect moment that is now.

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Exalted Ego is committed to support our communities.

We will support our public schools, programs for special children, foster homes, children hospitals, nursing homes and adult daycare centers. We want to ensure they also have a professional crew onsite during celebrations or advertisement needs.

We will proudly stand by our county animal shelters to voice against animal abuse, encourage pet adoptions, prevent illegal animal breeding and eradicate fight rings.

Exalted Ego is also committed to support in a pro-Bono basis, emerging actors and models with the development of their portfolios.

Services may be provided and limited at the discretion of Exalted Ego, LLC.